Product Designer & Project Manager


Research, Information Architecture, User Flow, Visual Design


6 Months


Cindy Wang, Lisa Rossi, Tara Suan, Tiffany Tam


Client Overview

Hulu is a leading premium streaming service that offers live and on-demand TV and movies. Hulu launched in 2008 and has grown to more than 25 million subscribers in the United States alone. As Hulu grows, so has their need for effective enterprise software.



The Problem

Currently, there are over 1000 viewer experience advocates (VXAs) working at Hulu. VXAs help Hulu customers with problems they might have with their streaming service. To be able to help Hulu users, VXAs must study and learn about any known issues (KIs) prior to answering calls. To do that, VXAs use VX Express, a portal built on Salesforce’s platform to study and learn about known issues so that they are prepared to tackle any problem Hulu users have. Based on a survey sent out to 200 VXAs, only 20% of agents used the portal and almost all of them reported that the portal was too difficult to use. Our team was asked to redesign the portal so that VXAs could easily browse and study up on the latest issues.



of viewer experience advocates use VX Express. 80% of them use it only to clock in and clock out for their shifts.



usability violations discovered during heuristic analysis of existing portal.


The Solution

We are looking at a new definition of productivity that goes beyond "doing more" or "finishing tasks". It’s about being - and staying - in control of tasks. It’s about bringing meaning to your days. It’s about how you feel when you finish your work. The difference is something we talk about as "Whole Human" where we account for and consider the person at the center of the work and organization. Building software that supports productivity is about more than task flow efficiency, it is also about how people think, learn, and feel.

  1. Synthesis of Tools:

    Through surveys and interviews, we discovered that agents used a variety of different tools to accomplish tasks. They had anywhere from 5-8 software programs running at the same time, which not only reduces efficiency but also causes frustration for the agents. We decided to combine these tools to make VX Express the one stop shop for agents.

  2. Wellness Feature:

    Through our research we also discovered that consumer facing jobs have high turn over rates due to burn out. Our team also added a wellness feature that takes agents through a series of breathing and stretching exercises in hopes of reducing stress.




 The Process



  1. Survey:

    A survey had been distributed prior to our on-boarding. We synthesized the data and used it to help provide context for our user interviews.

  2. Interviews:

    10 interviews were conducted with VXAs to get a better understanding of the user and their needs. The focus was on understanding their work flow, the tools they use, their frustrations and what their day looks like.

  3. Literature Review:

    We conducted a literature review to see if there have been any studies involving consumer facing industries. We noticed multiple studies that cited a positive correlation between emotional labor and turnover rate. Based on that research, we decided that the portal redesign should focus on the whole human and not just

  4. Problem Statement

    We are designing for the *"Whole Human" where we account for and consider the person at the center of the work and organization. Building software that supports productivity is about more than task flow efficiency, it is also about how people think, learn, and feel.





Design Principles

HULU_DESIGN Principles-02.png

Brainstorming | Crazy 8

HULU_crazy 8-03.png
HULU_crazy 8-05.png
HULU_crazy 8-04.png

Concept Testing

Concept testing refers to a collection of methodologies that are designed to get feedback on ideas in its early stages. Our goal was to have participants build VX Express with us because they are the user and they know what works best for them. We will do this by using low-fidelity prototypes as not to create bias for specific design aesthetics.




User Flows



Mid-Fidelity Prototypes
After I created the Information Architecture, we moved into mid-fidelity prototypes. As a group we felt that since the concept testing wireframes tested so well, it served well as our low-fidelity prototypes. We decided to move into mid-fidelity prototypes and ran user walkthroughs before moving onto high-fidelity prototypes.



This is VX Express before our redesign challenge. We ran a heuristic analysis of the portal and found 29 usability issues.

Original VX Express

Original VX Express




High-Fidelity Prototype

The dashboard is an area where VXAs study and learn about recent issues. I designed the dashboard with a focus on engagement. Learning about known issues can be tedious and difficult, thus I added imagery to help with grouping and memory recall. VXAs also have the option of minimizing the banner and thumbnails if they would prefer to see a long list view. We designed the portal using a dark theme because it not only meets accessibility standards but it is on trend with the entertainment industry.


Image Left: Dashboard | Image Middle: View KI | Image Right: Minimized View

This is an area of high interest for VXAs. This feature allows VXAs to submit “Ideas” that they have about how to improve their office, work flow, or anything else they can think of. The more votes an idea has, the more likely management will take it into consideration for implementation. This feature allows VXAs to feel like they are heard and that they can impact the business in a big way!

Image Left: Ideas Page List View | Image Middle: Ideas Page Grid View | Image Right: View Ideas

Dealing with customers on a daily basis can be very stressful for VXAs. The wellness feature was added to remind VXAs to take a breadth and stretch. This feature received praise during concept testing and VXAs felt like it not only helps their wellbeing but it also showed them that Hulu really cared.

Image Left: Breathing Dashboard | Image Right: Stretching Dashboard

Image Left: Stretch Reminder Prompt | Image Middle: Stretch Start Prompt | Stretch Video Start

Breathing exercise video

Breathing exercise video



When the product ships in Q4, we will be able to provide more information about the effectiveness of our design. However, initial testing has shown that VXAs prefer this new version over the previous and are very excited about it!

“This is dope!”

“Wow! I love this!”

- VXAs


Final Words

Thank you to my awesome teammates and to all the amazing teams we had an opportunity to work with at Hulu! Special shout out to the VXAs who inspired and helped build this portal with us!