Hi, I am Tiffany!

I am a design thinker, UX advocate,
illustrator and creative problem solver.




We were tasked with redesigning an internal tool that would help viewer experience advocates be more efficient with helping Hulu customers. As a team, we designed a tool that goes beyond "doing more" or "finishing tasks". The difference is something we talk about as "Whole Human" where we account for and consider the person at the center of the work and organization. Building software that supports productivity is about more than task flow efficiency, it is also about how people think, learn, and feel.



Mobile Application


HanaHaus is a shared workspace for entrepreneurs, artists, designers, thinkers, students, and writers. The reservation process was not intuitive for frequent users. I pitched a mobile app with a focus on the reservation system to facilitate the reservation process for frequent users. I conducted a competitive analysis, heuristic evaluations, and usability tests to help guide my decisions when it came to the design of the HanaHaus mobile app.

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CrossFit Volition

CrossFit Volition is a fitness organization who needed to redesign their website to increase conversion rate. After a heuristic analysis of the existing website, multiple usability issues were discovered. I proceeded to redesign the website after conducting fieldsite observations, interviews, qualitative and quantitative usability tests.


Mobile app


TRIP is a passion project explores how to alleviate the stress older adults feel about using rideshare applications. Inspired by my grandmother and her friends, TRIP adds a networking element to ridesharing. The goal is to think about how we can improve the lives of our grandparents, parents and even us through the idea of ridesharing.